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We specialize in drums, snare drums and percussion products. We have over 35 drum kits in stock and also full range of drums accessories and parts: Such as drum clamps, mini boom stands, drum lugs, screws (any size available), drum hoops, hi-hat clutches, rubber foots for stands and floor-toms, ect.

We also have in stock guitar parts such as: All types of knobs, pots, jacks, jack plates, saddle bridges, nuts, pickups, complete pickguards, end-pins, a good assortment of machine heads ect.

We guarantee that we are always stocked with at least 70% of all of the above-mentioned products of the above-mentioned suppliers. This means that you may purchase the spare parts at first hand from our retail outlet and thus avoiding the unnecessary inconvenience of waiting for a part to be ordered. We emphasize on being committed in giving the best after sales service possible to our esteemed clients.

Furthermore, we can safely say that not only do we have the best prices, but also the best service on the Maltese Islands.

What ever your requirement is, we can help you make the right choice!!