Company Profile
N.V.G. Enterprises was established in 1995. Initially, this enterprise imported hi-fi equipment and accessories, televisions, telephones, vcr’s and dvd’s, radios, stereos and so on; distributing them to various shops around the Maltese Islands. A couple of years later, NVG Enterprises felt the need to open a retail outlet, which is situated in Birkirkara, to sell their products directly to their esteemed customers. This was a positive decision as they grew even more popular amongst their clients, and 1999, decided to broaden their horizons by importing musical instruments and accessories. As you can see from this web page, N.V.G. Enterprises has come quite a long way in such a short span of time. N.V.G. Enterprises has world-renowned brand names, all of which guarantee you the best possible quality and sound.

N.V.G. Enterprises is run by Noel and Vanessa Grech. Amongst their staff at the retail outlet, you will find Alex Debono who is also a professional drum tutor. Noel is available at the shop three times a week, so that he may be able to meet his clients personally and help them decide what is best to suit their requirement. N.V.G. employees are trained to give the best possible service in Noel’s absence.


Noel Grech

Noel Grech is without any doubt one of the best drummers in the Maltese islands. He comes from a family of musicians going back as far as his great grandfather, Mr Francesco Grech, in the late 1800. Mr Francesco Grech played various instruments such as the drums, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and was also a Band Surgent in the K.O.M.R. (King’s Own Malta Regiment). Noel’s grandfather, Mr Paul Grech (known as Pawlu Pi Pi) was a professional drummer and also played the violin, and Noel’s father, Mr Alex Grech, is also a professional drummer and also a clarinet player. This gave Noel a good incentive as well as a head start in the music scene. He started to learn the bass guitar at the age of six and carried on playing it until he was twelve years of age. It was then when he decided to carry on the tradition and shift to playing the drums. “Although I enjoyed playing the bass, I never felt the fulfillment as when I play the drums” Noel commented. In his early teens he put together his first band, which was called “The Eye” which consisted of Michael Camilleri – Vocals, Joseph Camilleri – Bass and Godfrey Monreal – Keyboards. “I shall never forget the enthusiasm of putting together this band” Noel recalls smiling.
At the age of 13, he was already on the music scene – playing bass and accompanying his father at wedding receptions and functions in hotels. This was his debut in public appearance, and carried on for many years.

By the time he was 17 years of age, he was playing with various local rock bands and performed local concerts, such as Rock A Buzz, Malta Sajf amongst other activities, which were very popular in the late eighties. Noel performed with bands such as: Cracked Handshake, Access, Fluid, & Thunder.

They were also supporting bands for artists that came to Malta:


Subsequently at the age of 22 he played with other groups such as:

Mark Storm – Phil Storm – “Al Crusher”

Martin Debono – Paul Zammit Cutajar – Phil Storm – Paula

Mark Storm – Phil Storm – “Al Crusher” – Robert Cuschieri

Amongst others, all of which he recalls to have very good memories of performing in rock bars, festivities and so on.

He enjoyed playing all types of music, however, at the age of twenty he showed signs of interest in Jazz. It was then, when he put together his first fusion band, which was called DUTY FREE. The line up was: Godfrey Monreal, Robert Cuschieri, Michael Galdes. “This was my favorite band as we only played original music and had quite good feedback amongst the public” Noel remarks.

Noel still continued playing at wedding receptions and important functions, with some of the best bandleaders in Malta. “I am honored to have performed with such great local musicians” Noel comments. Some of the musicians he performed with are:
Oscar Lucas , Mro. Val Valente, Lee Spiteri, Mro. Vinny Vella, Tony Camilleri (trumpet), Sammy Murgo, Walter Vella, George Curmi (Puse’), Mro. Joe Brown, Mro. Paul Abela, Anthony Camilleri (Piano), Mario Abela.

During this period, he was also performing country and western nights with Silverado, a very well known country band, comprising of John Grima, Godwin Grech, & Joe Grima.

“Despite playing various music, my passion was Jazz, especially Be-Bop and Swing” Noel says. At the age of 22, he started playing at BJ’s nightclub. Noel played with Paul Giordamaina (piano) and the late Bernard Scerri (double bass). “It is such a great loss for music as well as a friend. I feel that I am lucky and am very proud to have had special moments performing with Bernard, which I will treasure for ever” Noel says on a sad note.

Noel also formed part of a band for local promotions which was named “Jazz Combo” which featured Paul Giordamaina – piano, Laurie Simpson – double bass, Walter Vella – saxophones and flute.

Since then Noel also performed in the Malta Jazz Festival. “It is a privilege for me to have performed more than once, in the yearly Malta Jazz Festival, with top local musicians. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr Charles Gatt (City), one of the organizers, and best drummers we have in Malta”.

1997 Paul Giordimaina & Friends
Paul Giordimaina – piano; Marike Rispens – vocals; Walter Vella – saxophone, Gorg Curmi ‘Puse’ – violin; Laurie Simpson – double bass.

1998 P. Giordimaina & Sandro Z. Quartet
Paul Giordimaina – piano; Sandro Zerafa – guitar; Laurie Simpson – double bass.

2003 Dominic Galea’s Heritage
Dominic Galea – piano; Sammy Murgo- sax; Walter Vella – saxophones & flute; Roger Azzopardi – trumpet; Mario Aquilina (Cocker) – double bass; Alex Debono – percussion

Noel has backed and is still backing various artists in hotels, festivals, gala shows and popular TV programs and is still very active in the music scene performing in the best hotels on the Island. He has also performed regularly with the Vinny Vella Jr. Trio for a number of years too. At present he is performing with:

(Mro.) Dominic Galea Trio/Band
Mro. Dominic Galea-piano, Mario Aquilina (Cocker) – double bass


Walter Vella – saxophones & flute & Mario Aquilina (Cocker) – double bass

Some of Noel’s favorite drummers are:
Jack DeJohnette, Paul Motian, Peter Erskine, Bill Stewart, Jeff Hamilton, Steve Smith, Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers, Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes, Philly Jo Jones, Max Roach, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Ian Paice, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland.

Some of his favorite bands & artists are:
Keith Jarreth Trio, Bill Evans (piano) Trio, Bud Powell, Thelonius Monk, Brad Mehldau, Yellow Jackets, Kenny Barron, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker, Jaco Pastorius, Bunny Brunell, Marc Johnson, Dave Holland, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Sting, Rush…….. And many more.

A personal note from Noel:

“Special thanks go to my colleagues’ musicians, my clients, my friends and my family for the support in both my products and career. Also, great appreciation goes to all the suppliers that have faith in me and my enterprise in representing their brand name and products.”


Keep music live !!

Noel can be heard playing on the following CD’s:

Beatles Works
An interpretation in a jazzy style arranged by Vinny Vella Jr.
(Great music for all ages)
Recorded live in studio

Take Off
Jazz standard numbers by Nazca
(Open concept of improvisation definitely not commercial music)
Recorded live in studio

No Talk No Nonsense
Jazz standard numbers and original tunes by Mro Dominic Galea
(Open concept of improvisation) recorded On Air live television